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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Schritter, Kristen view 45 Omaha, NE San Diego, CA 6'0" UC Santa Barbara 7th Season
Schroeder, Sarah view 36 Pacific Palisades, CA Pacific Palisades, CA 5'6" UC Santa Barbara 2nd Season
Schuster, Leanne view 39 Mesa, AZ Manhattan Beach, CA 5'8" Arizona State 6th Season
Shollenberger, Lisa view 41 Redondo beach, CA San Jose, CA 5'10" Loyola Marymount Universary 1st Season
Simenson, Jeanette view 41 Palatine, IL Chicago, IL 6'0" Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 5th Season
Simkins, Cherry view 53 Monrovia, CA Torrance, CA 5'8" Citrus (Ca.) 7th Season
Sprague, Julie view 43 Walnut Creek, CA Manhattan Beach, CA 5'8" Cal-State Chico 5th Season
Stammer, Wendy view 47 Livermore, CA Portland, OR 6'0" Louisiana State 5th Season
Stammer, Gayle view 49 San Antonio, TX San Diego, CA 6'2" Louisiana State 14th Season
Stewart, Monica view 51 Corona del Mar, CA Irvine, CA 5'8" San Luis Obispo University 1st Season
Straton, Sarah view 12 Perth, Western Australia, CA Hermosa Beach, CA 6'2" University of Western Australia 1st Season
Turner, Susie view 48 San Diego, CA San Diego, CA 5'1" . 3rd Season

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