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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Pagano, Liz view 40 Seattle, WA San Diego, CA 5'9" Cornell 8th Season
Pavley, Jenny view 36 Agoura Hills, CA Agoura Hills, CA 5'8" New Mexico 4th Season
Philgence, Maggie view 43 St. Croix, VI Santa Monica, CA 5'10" Florida State University 5th Season
Poppinga, Karrie view 43 Manhattan Beach, CA Honolulu, HI 6'0" Univsity of Hawaii 8th Season
Pozzi, Sabrina view 38 Chatsworth, CA Encino, CA 5'10" Universtiy of Rhode Island 1st Season
Radcliffe, Suzanne view 37 Torrance, CA Redondo Beach, CA 5'9" Loyola Marymount University 4th Season
Reale, Helen view 48 New York, NY Los Angeles, CA 5'10" Columbia 11th Season
Reno, Nancy view 46 Glen Ellyn, IL Encinitas, CA 5'11" Stanford 11th Season
Rochelle-Anderson, Tiffany view 44 Venice, CA Venice, CA 6'0" UC Berkeley 2nd Season
Rock, Angela view 48 Lakewood, CA Carlsbad, CA 5'8" San Diego State 15th Season
Ross, Missy view 43 Los Angeles, CA La Jolla, CA 5'7" Univ of Texas at Austin 7th Season

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