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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Masakayan, Liz view 47 Santa Monica, CA San Diego, CA 5'8" UCLA 11th Season
Mason, Nancy view 41 Belleville, IL Hermosa Beach, CA 5'10" Indiana 6th Season
May, Misty view 35 Costa Mesa, CA Costa Mesa, CA 5'7" Long Beach State 3rd Season
McArthur, Anne view 41 New Orleans, LA Brentwood, CA 5'7" Louisiana State University 2nd Season
McGrath, Marlene view 45 Seattle, WA Santa Monica, CA 6'0" Boise State University 2nd Season
McPeak, Holly view 43 Manhattan Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA 5'7" UCLA 12th Season
Meredith, Jennifer view 39 Del Mar, CA Manhattan Beach, CA 5'11" Pepperdine 6th Season
Miller, Marsha view 43 Henrietta, NY Santa Monica, CA 6'1" Genessee 7th Season
Monteleone, Marlene view 45 San Diego, CA Santa Clarita, CA 5'5" . 1st Season
Morse, Michelle view 42 Central Point, OR Redondo Beach, CA 5'7" Oregon State 6th Season
Nelson, Natacha view 40 San Jose, CA Redondo Beach, CA 5'10" Santa Clara University 2nd Season
O'Hara, Marla view 51 Hawthorne, CA Agoura Hills, CA 5'9" Cal-State Los Angeles 13th Season

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