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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Jackson, Sherry view 38 Chicago, IL Chicago, IL 5'7" Saint Xavier University 1st Season
Janc, Caron view 46 San Diego, CA San Diego, CA 5'5" Florida International University 3rd Season
Johnson, Deanna view 50 Bonita, CA Cardiff by the Sea, CA 5'6" San Diego State University 4th Season
Johnson Jordan, Jenny view 39 Sherman Oaks, CA Tarzana, CA 5'10" UCLA 7th Season
Kammer, Angie view 37 Muncie, IN San Diego, CA 5'10" Penn State 3rd Season
Keller, Pat view 43 Sarasota, FL Lake Forest, CA 5'10" South Florida 9th Season
Kessy, Jennifer view 35 San Juan Capistrano, CA San Diego, CA 6'0" USC 2nd Season
Kimura, Kaili view 38 Thousand Oaks, CA Hawthorne, CA 5'9" Cal State-Los Angeles 1st Season
Kirby, Karolyn view 51 Brookline, MA San Diego, CA 5'11" Utah State/Kentucky 15th Season
Kuehn, Ashley view 37 Houston, TX Houston, TX 5'4" Texas A&M 1st Season
Lowe, Heather view 37 Cypress, CA Redondo Beach, CA 6'0" Oregon State University 2nd Season

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