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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Davis, Annett view 38 Long Beach, CA Tarzana, CA 5'11" UCLA 6th Season
DeNecochea, Dianne view 44 Brooklyn, MI La Jolla, CA 6'4" University of Tennessee 6th Season
Eich, Kerri view 36 Spirit Lake, IA Santa Moncia, CA 5'10" Univ. of Northern Iowa 2nd Season
Eldridge, Katy view 40 Petaluma, CA Playa Del Rey, CA 5'11" Pacific 8th Season
Evans, Dianna view 43 Larkspur, CA Culver City, CA 5'8" San Diego State 4th Season
Fleisher, Catie view 35 Aspen, CO Culver City, CA 5'9" Colorado State 2nd Season
Fontana, Barbra view 46 Manhattan Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA 5'6" Stanford 11th Season

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