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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Arce, Lisa view 43 Manhattan Beach, CA Redondo Beach, CA 5'11" UC Berkeley 10th Season
Audette, Nicole view 40 La Cresenta, CA Valencia, CA 5'9" University of Portland 2nd Season
Baily, Mary view 50 Los Angeles, CA Calabasas, CA 5'10" Pepperdine 9th Season
Birnbaum, Barb view 47 San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA 6'0" UC Santa Barbara 6th Season
Blankinship, Kim view 36 Torrance, CA Torrance, CA 5'8" Loyola Marymount University 3rd Season
Block, Allison view 38 San Diego, CA Oceanside, CA 5'10" UC Santa Barbara 2nd Season
Blomquist, Krista view 46 Branford, CT Redondo Beach, CA 5'10" Connecticut 10th Season
Bragado, Danalee view 41 Honolulu, HI Redondo Beach, CA 6'0" Loyola Marymount 7th Season
Busch, Carrie view 38 Milwaukee, WI Hermosa Beach, CA 5'11" Texas 5th Season
Chapple-Zanella, April view 48 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA 5'11" Univ. of Tennessee-Knoxville 1st Season
Cordray, Kelli view 35 Manhattan Beach, CA Manhattan Beach, CA 5'9" Univ. of Hawaii 1st Season
Cox, Stephanie view 42 Mission Viejo, CA Mission Viejo, CA 5'6" UC Santa Barbara 10th Season

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