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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Silberstein, Evan view 36 Patchogue, NY Palm Beach, FL 5'8" Arizona State University 3rd Season
Smith, Sinjin view 55 Pacific Palisades, CA Pacific Palisades, CA 6'3" UCLA 25th Season
Smith, Jeff view 40 Dallas, TX San Diego, CA 6'2" Stephen F. Austin State University 3rd Season
Sokolowski, Matthew view 37 Clearwater, FL Hermosa Beach, CA 6'2" University of Miami 3rd Season
Soldano, Brian view 12 Freehold, NJ Ft. Lauderdale, FL 6'1" University of Delaware 4th Season
Sorensen, Tom view 41 Racine, WI Agoura Hills, CA 6'6" Pepperdine 1st Season
Sutton, Trent view 38 Dallas, TX Dallas, TX 5'11" University of Texas 7th Season
Szymanski, Mike view 35 Hermosa Beach, CA Hermosa Beach, CA 6'5" San Diego State University 1st Season
Turner, Chad view 40 Clearwater, FL Clearwater Beach, FL 6'6" University of South Florida 1st Season

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