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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Perry, Scott view 38 Key West, FL Jacksonville, FL 6'1" University of Florida 12th Season
Poppell, Chad view 39 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, FL 6'0" Valdosta State University 9th Season
Roberts, Adam view 36 High Point, NC Myrtle Beach, SC 6'1" Elon College 7th Season
Rohr, Joseph view 38 Sarasota, FL Clearwater Beach, FL 6'4" University of South Florida 5th Season
Roumain, George view 36 Parkland , FL Parkland, FL 6'7" Pepperdine 1st Season
Ryan, Greg view 42 Huntington Beach, CA Playa Del Rey, CA 6'4" UC Santa Barbara 7th Season

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