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Player Bio/Photo Age Hometown Currently Height College Seasons Played
Goings, John view 41 Columbus, OH Jacksonville, FL 6'3" Ohio State 10th Season
Graham, Jerry view 41 Haslett, MI Hermosa Beach, CA 6'2" Michigan State 4th Season
Harger, Chris view 37 Long Beach, CA Long Beach, CA 6'10" UC Irvine 2nd Season
Heath, Matthew view 37 Ft. Myers, FL Delray Beach, FL 6'6" Stetson/ Florida Atlantic 7th Season
Heidger, Rob view 43 Danville, CA Redondo Beach, CA 6'7" UC Santa Barbara 9th Season
Henkel, Carl view 12 Redondo Beach, CA Redondo Beach, CA 6'7" UCLA 7th Season

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